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Fashion Fusion LLC Company Information

Who is Fashion Fusion LLC?
We are a company that designs jewelry specifically for you, an individual who wants to feel and look exquisite.  It is our passion to custom design unusual pieces of jewelry and make each piece your piece for your own special style.  Our belief is that you personally make your own individual fashion style and statement.  No one has just one style because we have different moods and different occasions to wear your jewelry.  Create your own style and let us make your statement fit your personality, mood and occasion!

Where are you located?
We are located in La Quinta, California. However, we custom design for clients all over the US and Canada.   
Phone: 314-304-1620 Email us at

Do you have a showroom I can visit?
Currently, our showroom is our website. Additional samples of our work can be seen at Doncaster Studios in Clayton, Missouri. We are blessed and grateful for so many client referrals.

Do you have wholesale and consignment?
Wholesale and consignment are available.  Please call for an appointment and we will be happy to schedule a visit.  Please call Sandra at 314-304-1620.

May I order over the phone?
Yes, You may order over the phone. Should you feel uncomfortable with ordering online or you have any difficulty ordering online, please call me and we will take care of your order personally over the phone.   Please call Sandra at 314-304-1620

Do you guarantee safe shopping for your online customers?
Yes. Our website utilizes a secure server and has been issued a SSL™ certificate to enable server security.  Using these steps provides the greatest safety and security to all of our customers. 
We have gone to great lengths to insure our customer’s safety. We take great pride in the protection of our customers and to insure that every purchase you make with Fashion Fusion, LLC, is made with complete peace of mind.  We are an merchant.

If I don't see what I want on your site, can I get what I want?
By all means!  That is the core of our mission.  We can change anything you see online or we can design with you. We want you to have exactly what you want. The process usually starts with a call or email and then we choose a plan of communication at critical times to ensure that the custom piece is just what you expect.

  Product Information

Why does some jewelry look the same but differ in price?
One of a kind jewelry that is custom designed and handcrafted is more expensive and crosses over into the art category.  Discriminating individuals want something that stands out, matches their personality,  and will pay for such a piece that completes their outfit.  The use and percent of precious metals affects the price.  The gemstone cut, size, reputation, and rarity and demand affect the price. The amount of tooling, cost of equipment, and the design time affect the price.  Inexpensive jewelry is usually man made stones and massively manufactured.  A gross test is to pick up the jewelry and feel the weight and then divide the price in half.  Gemstone jewelry is heavy and 100 percent markup is minimum for retail jewelry.  The higher the amount of cost the higher up the percentage goes up.  Fine and Art Jewelry are worth the price.  They will be a piece that you have for many years without and is warranted for repairs of normal use and protected storage.

May I upgrade the materials used in any custom design?  
Upgrading the silver content or changing to gold can be done with increased market and retail pricing.  Gold will require a deposit when ordering.

Where do you get the gemstones?
We buy only unusual shapes, cuts, and colors of gemstones from all over the world.  We purchase from Lapidary Dealers, Gem Shows, established and reputable gem companies, local and national rock collectors, and we have begun to cut and polish our own stones.

What are the different kinds of Silver?
Silver is a precious metal. Fine Silver is 99.9 percent pure silver but it is very soft for large objects.  We use it for bezels and some of our wire pieces.  Sterling Silver is 92.5 percent pure with 7.5 percent other metals, usually copper.  If you see '925' it is Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver is about  one-50th the price of gold by mass.  Even with the demand and price volatility, it is less expensive, will last for years and compliments most colors. For your interest only, here are some other Silver Standards.  Mexican Silver is usually 95 percent pure, Brittania Silver is 95.84 percent pure, Coin Silver is 90 percent pure, and German Silver is either 80 or 90 percent pure.

How do I clean my Silver jewelry?
If it is all silver you can use any of the liquids, pastes, or cloths for silver polishing. In general, silver is best if kept in a cool dry place inside a soft cloth bag, not with cotton, any paper labels, or cardboard jewelry cards. All of these have a percentage of sulfur and can tarnish the silver. If your silver has a stone in it, then it is more complicated. It depends on the penuriousness of the stone. Please refer to some of the articles on my services pages. Try to stay away from jewelry cleaning solutions and machines. Mild soap and water is a safer bet with a polishing cloth after it is dried.

How does copper compare to Silver?  
Copper is softer for large pieces of wearable art.  Silver is greater than sixty times more valuable as a piece of jewelry.  However, since copper had become more popular, the price of copper has escalated due to this demand.

What is Gold vs. Gold filled?
Gold has long represented status and prosperity.  The 'K' stands for Karat and denotes the amount of pure gold mixed with alloy metals in your piece.  Different countries have different karatage standards for the use of gold and gold products.  24K is considered pure gold in the US, but jewelry in the US can go from 10K to 24K with the percentages of gold being 41.7 percent for 10K, 58.3 percent for 14K, 75 percent for 18K, 91.7 percent for 22K, and 100 percent for 24K. Gold Filled "gf" is a solid layer of gold bonded with heat and pressure onto a base metal.  Please do not confuse this with Gold Plating!  Gold Filled pieces of jewelry are 50 to 100,000 times thicker than Gold Plating.  Gold Filled is considered a life time product, has a low incidence of an allergic reaction, and is a better value for your dollar.  Solid Gold is best for pieces like wedding rings and jewelry you wear every day.  Since it is soft though scratches must be routinely polished off.

How do I clean my Gold jewelry?
As with Silver, if you want to be safe, use a gold polishing cloth, use mild soap and water, dry thoroughly and store in soft bag away from other jewelry. Try to remove your gold before chlorine pools and if you have any porous stones we will need to take it stone by stone.

What does Gold Plated mean?
Gold Plating is a method of depositing a very thin layer of gold onto the surface of nickel, copper or silver by an electrochemical process. Given the thinness of the gold, chemicals in the air and a lot of use will wear more quickly.

What is Vermeil?
Vermeil is also known as Silver Gilt. It is a combination of silver, gold and other precious metals. It is sometimes silver and gold combined with electrolysis. The gold is 14K which is 58.3 percent pure and the gold must have a minimum of 10 carats weight and be 1.5 micrometers thick to be called real Vermeil. Vermeil usually has a more yellow brighter gold tone to it.

What are Crystal Beads?
Crystal Beads come from all over the world. We, however, use two kinds of crystals in our custom jewelry. Vintage Crystals are from Germany. They are still around but are hard to find as well as expensive because they are not produced anymore. They were available in 1950 to 1960 or so. We were fortunate to find the New York dealer which carried most of these. They are used for accent pieces but if you see them in a strand, you will find the price is much higher. Clarity, Uniformity, durability, and new styles are factors we consider in crystals. Austrian Swarovski Crystals are the most reputable and we use them in our art jewelry.

What Glass Beads do you use?
We use Murano and Art Deco Glass for our custom designs. If we cannot find what our client wants in these categories, we will look at Czech Glass. They have some colorful designs but they are of lesser value.

What are the different kinds of Pearls?
Natural Pearls are generally thought of coming from some kind of particle inside of an oyster with the lustrous inside of the shell depositing layer upon layer around this particle and then harvested as a Pearl. They have been harvested from around the world and some are right here at home off the coast of California.

Currently, most pearls are cultured. This is similar to the ‘farm raising’ of seafood. Certain geographic areas of saltwater produce pearls of many shapes, sizes and colors by implanting the oyster with a mother of pearl bead. The natural process then takes over and because they implant larger beads, they can harvest the Pearls in 2-3 years rather the 5-7 years in the past. This is why you are seeing so many pearls in fashion now.

Fresh Water Pearls are from bodies of fresh water such as inlets, rivers, ponds, and lakes.  Most desirable is the perfectly round Pearl and is considered the classic style.

Shell Pearls are manmade but use the same seed but layers of the inside shell of an oyster are crushed and formed around this bead. They are normally round and color is applied to the outer layer of the shell. They are heavier and very durable.

Swarovski Pearls are formed leaded crystal beads with color simulating the luster of a real pearl.

Why are there so many shapes of Pearls?
Style now adds the unusual shapes and as many colors as imaginable by the harvesters of the Cultured Pearls. Any shape goes..Drop, pear, rice, coin, egg, flat, stick and many more. Popularity, shape and luster dictate the price.

How do I take care of my pearls?

Keep them in a lint free bag if possible or a jewelry case. They can get scratched with other gemstones next to them. Put your jewelry on after your makeup and sprays. If you feel they are getting dirty, mild soap and water either with a rag or dip into a bowl with your hands holding them and gently massage them. Quickly rinse under water with colander in sink. Do not keep in water very long. Dry gently and thoroughly and do not put away wet.

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